Monday, February 28, 2011

Since When Did Monday Become Friday?

Alright so Mondays are my most hated day out the week basically because it means an end to the weekend and another week of school, which I have only 7 more until I graduate *pumps fist*. Well after waking up at 5:30 and getting on the cheese to head to that prison they call school, my Monday was kinda hype. Surprisingly it felt like a Friday. We had our black history program today and stuff at the absolute last day of the month. That's a classic example of Colored People Time at its finest. We're late even in our own month! But it was actually pretty cool, I had to ribb these two freshmen sitting in front of us because they were getting a little too comfortable and loose at the mouth (pause). It was funny though because me and Esai were making plenty jokes. But after that everything else went smooth to the point where I couldn't complain. I spoke with the homies Jade and Dama after school and they were oc as always and I even kicked it with my guy Juan Pablo in Latinos Unidos (a Spanish club). Some funny shit went down but I can't talk about that on here lol. And I got to have a little alone time with my gf after school too (Oh Yea! *kool-aid man's voice*) lol. This day just flowed, even my teachers weren't on bullshit. That's how you know all is well. But really I just got out the gym, I'm extra exhausted to extremely dangerous levels and I'm not messing with this homework. I'm outty 5000 y'all. Much Love!!

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