Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Not New to This....Wait, Yes I Am

I've never really blogged before, I don't know why since I write in my Black Notebook on a weekly basis. This is kind of nice, I can get used to this *puts feet up on desk*. Well where should I start?

Right now I'm a senior in high school and honestly I'm just really ready to graduate and get the hell out of here. I love my city, but I hate the people in it. They're ignorant, childish, the list goes on. But the good news is I have only 3 more months until graduation and I can already taste the sweet freedom (pause) that will come with college life. Yeah I'm sad I'll be leaving my bros and my family behind, but I'm sure they'll survive without me.

But on a different note one of the reasons why I'm blogging is because my parents put my ass on lockdown. They weren't playing any games. But I kinda had it coming since i crashed the truck doing something I wasn't supposed to do, the damage was minor but its sad to say they don't trust me at all. And now I'm here.

Before I leave let me explain the title of my blog. I'm a star wars fan (yeah I'm a geek), and that's where the Jedi part comes from. You can't tell me Yoda was not that dude. The defense Mechanism part comes from something that I use a lot. I'm a guarded person and I use many different defense mechanisms to keep my guard up, one of them is constantly joke about things, finding the humor in everything. Maybe I do this to hide myself from people who don't deserve to really know the real me. But either way I come off as an asshole at times and this shallow person when in all actuality I'm not. Put together the name, my blog name is pretty logical. What do Jedi's use to defend themselves? They use the force. And I tend to force things a lot so I guess its the perfect fit.

So I'm out, about to clean this house so I can have some company tomorrow, hopefully things go smoothly. Peace and Love to all

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